familiar? it is at our house.

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the sweet years

Many times in conversation with mothers of older children, they refer to the years where my children currently are as “the sweet years.” I completely agree and understand why: their chubby-armed hugs,  simple… Continue reading

astound: to impress strongly by what is unexpected or unusual

Most of you know my husband, Mark. If you haven’t met him, the truth is you might not notice him if you were in a room together. In spite of his good looks and charming wit (I… Continue reading

Thanks for the conversation.

  I realized the other day that I, somewhat regularly, have entire conversations in my head. Now, this may be common. But, what struck me as odd is that these conversations actually involve… Continue reading

confessional stories from a mother of three

This post is for the women who question their ability to parent: you are not alone. And for any of you who have commented about me “always having it together,” this 16 hour period should prove… Continue reading

happy thanksgiving from the Douglass’

  liam’s thanksgiving feast at school

more douglass dialogue: who is the adult here?

me: Do you want to color? Liam: Yeah, that would be great! Let’s color in this book. me: No, let’s color these pages here. Liam: No mom, if you want to color, these… Continue reading

please understand me!

                    This book is about personalities. What do I think about it? Let’s just say that I have been reading, rereading, thinking about, and internalizing this book for the last year. I know… Continue reading

my 29th birthday and dinner with the president

Well, sort of. Thursday was my 29th birthday. Mostly, it was a normal day — nice, but normal. I worked at the writing center in the morning and spent the afternoon hanging out with… Continue reading

my 10 year reunion

Last weekend, Mark, the kids, and I hauled up to DFW (thanks to Scott and Diana loaning us their car, but that’s another story) for my 10 year reunion. It was wonderful to see… Continue reading

dialogue from the douglass home

Burke: I don’t like cats. Bethany: Why don’t you like cats, Burke? Burke: They want to poop in my sandbox. ——————————————————————— (Mark is correcting Liam and poking his finger into Liam’s chest.) Mark:… Continue reading

my favorite photos

 Below are a few of my favorite photos from this summer  liam playing at the splash pad burke chasing seagulls in Corpus blythe playing in the pool the boys at the museum of… Continue reading

In effort to simpify

“Our life is frittered away by detail…Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” -Henry David Thoreau Walden      By nature, I am not a simple person. I love details, even the ones that simply remain imaginative,… Continue reading