I have been snacking on this stuff for the last couple of days…and it is de-li-cious! I wish I would have discovered it when I was pregnant. So, I thought surely at least one… Continue reading

life according to liam and burke

My mom and dad bought Liam a kid-proof digital camera for his birthday in September. I finally uploaded all 320 pictures! that they’ve taken thus far. Most of them were either a picture of someone’s crotch or butt,… Continue reading


      We finally rented and watched Once the other night. This independent, modern musical takes place  in Dublin over the period of a week. I know the word musical conjures all sorts of… Continue reading

Goodbye Grandpa.

Grandpa, today you went to be with Jesus.  Even your last words, “I’m going home,” celebrate the anticipation of being with Him. I rejoice knowing that you are at peace in your new… Continue reading

tea time birthday for joy

My good friend, Joy, had a birthday this week, so a few of us went to a little tea shop to celebrate. We had the most delicious tea (EVER! — Forte tea: Flora), scones, and… Continue reading


Fortunate for us all, the boys are at the age where they generate stories regularly, and since Blythe is not yet of the age where she causes as much “trouble,” I thought I… Continue reading

need more sugar!

So this last week I’ve been cleaning out the kids rooms of toys, books, and needless junk to make room for more toys, books, and needless junk. Anyway, the other day while in… Continue reading

the douglasses plant a tree

Today we received a little, and I do mean little, oak tree for recycling our Christmas tree. So, this morning Mark and the kids (I only documented the event) planted our humble tree in… Continue reading

all I want for Christmas is…a taser?

That’s right, folks. This Christmas Mark and I received his and her tasers from his father. Mark’s is silver and black, and is already in his glove compartment. This is a gift I hope… Continue reading

on the table | Grilled Portabella Sandwich

For the last…well, a long time, I’ve wanted to create some way of organizing the random meals that I make, love, and then can’t seem to remember when I need them. And several… Continue reading

new years resolutions: 2008

Well, we’re back from our whirlwind Christmas in north Texas; I’ll post some pictures soon.  But, today is the first day of the new year: fresh starts, bright beginnings…etc. It’s time to assess the past… Continue reading

squeeze in a “little” Christmas party

Yesterday I had a little Christmas party for the kids and a few of their friends. We all had a blast; the moms got to catch up with each other while the kids ate hot dogs, drank juice… Continue reading

burke’s canvas: the hallway

Apparently Burke has more to express artistically than his little sheet of paper can capture. This was his afternoon project, and below that, his penance. Bless you, inventor of washable markers! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, part one

I really love the Christmas season: pageants and ballets, music and lights, Christmas trees, hot chocolate (or peppermint mocha’s), white elephants, parties, friends and family, and of course for the Douglass family, a little… Continue reading

quote of the week

“Mom, I need some cream for the radish on my butt.” -Liam  Just for clarity, he meant rash. And he doesn’t have one. ————————————————————————————-  And speaking of Liam, he cut his lip today… Continue reading