on the table | simple salads edition



I’ve always prioritized eating well and exercise, but somehow in the busyness and stress of this last year I’ve noticed a few poor eating habits sneaking into my (and the kids’) routine, the two biggest: eating more processed foods and standing/walking while we eat. The second sounds ridiculous to say aloud but the two habits partner easily. I take a handful of this and a nibble of that and keep moving. Naturally, the kids do the same. Even when they munch on quality foods (fruit/veggies), they’ll often walk around the table or kitchen or yard while they eat. Of course, I remind them to sit down at the table, and yet I continue eating my own meal standing at the counter. What is it — do what I say not what I do? Argh. The truth is eating well takes time. Time to prepare. Time to eat. Time to enjoy. In effort to slow down and enjoy simple whole foods, I’m sharing a few simple-ingredient salads showing up on our table these days, and this one took about as long to make as a PBJ sandwich. The kids added a little shredded cheddar and blue corn chips to their own.


  1. tomatoes, cut in large chunks
  2. black beans, warmed
  3. sliced avocado
  4. chopped cilantro
  5. baby spinach
  6. chopped onion

Do you have any tricks or tips to help you/your family prioritize eating well (and seated)? I would love to hear.