I ♥ the 80s. At least the modern throwback to the 80s.

The boys asked me the other day in what year I was born, and when I responded, “the end of 1978” they both in unison mockingly exclaimed, “whoaaaaaa! Did you know Leonardo DaVinci?”  At that moment I realized, regardless of memorizing an extensive histororical timeline, the boys think everything prior to 2000 is on the same relative plane — old. “No. The end of the 20th century, NOT the Renaissance period.” They just laughed. Although I was young during the 80s decade (and probably making the same jokes to my mom about her age), I was old enough to remember the waved bangs, the big hair bands, bright neons and layered colors, and the Talking Heads. Aside from David Byrne, I never thought I’d look back.  Until now that is. Apparently, I loved that decade more than I thought, and here’s some ways I’m enjoying the 80s in the 21st century:

+ wearing tight-rolled mint cords

+ listening to Wild Nothing’s newest album Nocturne

+ reading The Marriage Plot (think Victorian novel set in the 1980s — begins with lyrics from the Talking Heads)

All I’m missing is the high side ponytail and my walkman; two things not happening anytime soon. Cheers to repeating history trends!