summer: the sweet, lethargic hammock of rest

Wow. It’s July. I know, technically it’s time for another {this moment} but I’ve noticed myself succumbing to the ease of photo blogging and failing to actually retrieve the thoughts and words filling our life right now. And as you’ve probably noticed, words are long overdue here. I blame the lethargy of summer, that heat-hammock enclosing me, rocking worries and ideas to slumber. I’ve attempted to muster them, blank paper and pen in hand, but like a child in a wakeful dream, my letters seem to slur together, non-sensical. And maybe, that’s exactly what I’ve needed. What we’ve needed. Summer this year has been breath for us. I mean it, a true revitalization. We finished the school year — albeit crawling and tasting dirt — exhausted in every faculty. The point being: we finished. Mark enrolled in an online summer school class so we could be more transient, and I essentially halted all formal school time, minus reading. Although we didn’t finish everything I intended, we’ll pick up again in a few weeks right where we left off. For now, the summer break wins, a prioritized time for us to connect again as a family without the weight of routine mandates. So last month, to jumpstart our break, we packed our bags to head up to see both sets of grandparents (and their pools) and long-time friends of ours (Badrinas and Carruths) for a couple of weeks. We swam, feasted with our families and friends (always raucous and entertaining), celebrated birthdays, read books, watched movies, ate our breakfasts by the pool — it was delightful. Thank you Mom, Dad, Sam, Joanne, Aina, and Caleb, for helping us to enter into a season of rest.