t a k e i t s l o w.

I completely understand now how so many friends have traded in blogging for other social medias; Android finally advanced with Instagram, and suddenly my visual journal consumes the written one. Words? What words? In all areas of my life, I vacillate, more like a rope swing than a pendulum without regard to any specific rhythm or course, trying to find my sweet spot of self-care and serving others, recording life and living it, speaking with boldness and listening without the need to speak. I’m learning. All the time, I’m learning: how to slow down, to sift through my life cluttered with time-sucks and life drains so that I can discern what is precious and beautiful and true.

With the close of this academic year, I feel relief. You know that relay race where you run to the end of the lane, pick up the bat, spin (with your forehead on the bat) X times, and run back to your team, on whom no matter how intently you focus, always seems to be spinning away from your center? This year with our great family upheaval, consider me the runner wobbling into others, face-planting in the grass, my goals circling around me. Spinning. Life, spinning. So now here I am planted amidst the long summer grass, waiting for equilibrium again, enjoying the reprieve. (Sorry team.) I feel the words bubbling inside. I’ll be sharing more soon. Until then, take time yourself to sprawl in long grasses and relish your own renewal.