ode to spring break


Hail to you, glorious break of Spring,
drawing us outdoors into your warm breath,
stretching our souls beyond the formal lessons
that can banish our inquiring nature to — death?

We honor you, glorious break of Spring,
who lures us to lull in your new fields of grass
and chases us with rainfall through puddles and mud
where our giddy selves play until another day’s passed.

Yes, we salute you, brief pause of sweet rest,
for rescuing us from our tiresome schedules and plans,
to unearth fossils and hunt for young toads
and to recover the simplicity of childhood again.

So thank you, thank you again, dear Spring break,
for exhausting us and filling our souls with new food
shared with family and friends in backyards and playgrounds,
with great anguish we will bid you, “adieu.”