Seven years, Burke? Could it really be seven years since I held your new six pound frame, so fragile and unknown to me? Is it that possible for seven years to now stand between me and your birth day, when you so quickly and peacefully barreled into our hearts (almost in the car)? Although, you haven’t moved that speedily since. Even now, these seven years later, you take in life at your own speed, sitting down in front of the window to watch the rainfall, snuggling back into bed after breakfast with a book, or just pausing to give me a hug. No doubt though, you love to play and wrestle! And Liam (your brother and best friend) are like puppies, inseparable, always chasing and tackling each other, and giggling together in your dark room at night (although I do enforce alone time still a little each day); Blythe commonly refers to you as “the brothers.” So appropriate.

Remember when Alice, lost in that wonderland, complained to the Queen, “one can’t believe impossible things”? You’ve yet to have that problem, Burke, being more like the Queen, who responds, “. . . sometimes I’ve believed more than six impossible things before breakfast.” We catch you sometimes, caught in those impossible thoughts, such as keeping a giraffe on the roof so that you can keep him for a personal pet or living in a dirt pit when you grow up or never marrying so you don’t have to keep your room clean. And while most children brainstorm ways to make money, offering ideas of lemonade stands or pulling weeds, you, Burke, offer hugs: two hours of hugging for $5. And no matter how many times your dad and I have tried to explain why this might not be a profitable pastime (mainly due to the amount of free hugs you already give away), you won’t be convinced.

Knowing your deep love for little creatures and longing for a pet, your dad and I finally caved and got you your very own guinea pig, which you promptly named Squeak. You were/are delighted, and in turn, so are we. We love you, Burke, and are so glad to be in a family with you, and today, we celebrate you: happy birthday.