our holidays, part 1: the rumpus begins!

Semesters. That’s right, I said semesters. They still neatly organize our family rhythms into a series of intense days and nights blending to months of teaching, tutoring, homeschooling, and night graduate classes (for Mark) sandwiched between what we really work for (because you know it isn’t just the paycheck)–the holidays. And this Christmas in particular, we needed it. So to change things up a bit, Mark’s dad and step-mom gifted us with a week at a lakeside condo in East Texas with an indoor waterpark.  Winter coats? Check. Warm clothing and PJs? Check. Christmas presents? Check. Swimsuits, goggles, and purple lips? You better believe it. It was freezing and entirely worth it. Mostly, the adults rotated swimming duty and the monitoring for signs of hypothermia, while the kids exhausted themselves with water buckets, spray hoses, wave pools, water slides, and a lazy river. And thanks to Kristen & Tim, I have some pics to show!