out of the dark (lest I divert or change my mind)

Ahem. Testing. Testing. Is this thing on?

Cheers to 2012 and to life! This life that pulls and fills and exhausts, only to leave me bloated with unspoken words at the end of the day. And the next. And the next. Until now. I’ve sat down so many times to record something, anything really. Maybe it was the time Olive found a grub worm in the backyard, and Liam encouraged her to eat it by asking,”Olive, do you want to live the home life or do you want to live the wild life?” (Thank you, Bear Grylls.) Or maybe it was when I had the kids at Starbucks and turned around to find Blythe had stuffed her shirt with the paper shreds from one of the buckets exclaiming, “Look, mom! I have boobies!” Or maybe it was when Burke told us he wasn’t going to work when he grows up; instead he would live in a giant hole and discover a dinosaur bone when he needs some money to eat. Or maybe when Olive covered herself head to toe in fuchsia lipstick, or markers, or paints. Or was it when the kids dug a pit the size of a small pond in the backyard?  Or how about when Mark asked Burke if he sins, and he responded, “yeah. but not as much as Blythe.” Or when Olive called her younger, but bigger cousin Shepherd “a tiny guy.” Who knows. It’s now mostly lost to our personal Dark Age, a time without many words or pictures. Regardless, here we come, out of the dark. Happy New Year!

The kids celebrated by making kites out of trash bags and running in the sun–a glorious way to greet a new year.