in other words

In honor of today, the kids and I have been reading books and talking about MLK Jr., which of course has led to much larger conversations of segregation, perseverance, hatred, and the power of words over violence. After our most recent conversation last night, as I tucked the boys in, Liam blurts, “man, white people used to be such JERKS!”


I didn’t actually witness this story, but I thought it too hilarious not to record.

Liam and Burke were playing football or baseball with some of our friends in the backyard, when Burke, proud of himself for some achievement in the game, yells, “I’m the best!”  Liam graciously pulls him aside, arm over the shoulder, and gently says, “No Burke. Only God and Jesus are the best.” Burke replies in his husky teenage-like voice, “you’re right, Liam.”


This same day, the chickens made their début INSIDE our home after our backdoor blew open while I was out with the kids. Our friend Emily found them staring at the backyard from inside the sliding-glass door.