rearview mirror: 2009 in pictures

It seems entirely appropriate to celebrate the end of 2009 by going to bed early (and NOT due to pregnancy). This year exhausted me. Too many big events happened this year not to document, and since I posted so irregularly this last year, I thought one mammoth photo post might give some justice. Thank you Kristen and Tim for your contribution (in case you were wondering, their pics are the good ones.) Well world, here it is: our rearview mirror.

We woke the boys up at 11:00pm, and Mark, Tim, and Kevin took the boys to the see our friend’s show at a local venue. Responsible parenting of a 3 and 5 year old? Probably not. But the boys still talk about it.

January 2009: the boys’ first midnight rock ‘n roll show

February 2009:  a field trip with friends to the museum of natural history and science

March 2009: Olive’s birth

April 2009: the entire Douglass family visits us to see Scott and Diana

May 2009: Mark graduated (but didn’t walk) with his MA in European History

Olive has her FW debut (4 generations)

we acquire chickens

June 2009: trip to Corpus Christi

July 2009: Olive starts sitting up at 4 months

our friends Tiffany moves in with us for 2 months

we travel to D/FW to see family

. . . and more family

. . . and more family

August 2009: travel to David and Karabeth’s wedding on the Tennessee River (with the much needed help of our friend Emily)

our niece Iris is born to Scott and Diana in Morocco

Mark starts a new job teaching (no picture)

family camp with community church

my Grandma. . .

and Mark’s Poppy pass away within a few days of each other

we miss them both.

September 2009: Olive turns 6 months, starts crawling, & gets tutu pictures

I start school at home with the kids (pictures — are you kidding?)

October 2009: our niece Rowan Grace is born to Joseph & Kayla

Olive turns 7 months, starts pulling up, and saying “da-da”

November 2009: Jordan & Christa get married at a vineyard in Grapevine

our nephew Shepherd Gray is born to Kristen & Tim

December 2009: the Wall grandbabies (minus yet-born Adelyn) 

Olive’s first Christmas (9 months), says “da-da,” “ma-ma,” and signs “more”

our niece Adelyn Elizabeth is born to Josh & Bethany just after Christmas

and DONE.