shout outs

This one is for the lot of you who so patiently keep returning here to our poor, neglected blog. Yes, you, who regularly request by email, by phone, or in passing conversation for more, more, more. It’s you who have brought me back from the literal and figurative mess of life to write again. So, here’s to you faithful reader for sticking with us through the thin.

while memorizing our history timeline cards

LIAM: Mom, what are philosophers?

ME: (trying desperately to simplify a rather abstract profession) Well, they’re people who study books and ask questions about various ideas and laws.

LIAM: Ohhh. (as if he’s had an epiphany, ) So, they’re nerds.


in the stall of a public bathroom, while Burke’s pooping

BURKE: I love you mom. Even when you’re giving me spankings or when I’m angry at you, I still love you.

ME: You know what?

BURKE: Yeah. You love me EVERY day. Can you wipe me?


trying to have a teachable moment on loving your enemy

ME: Burke, what did Jesus say to do when your enemy asks for a drink?

BURKE: Tell him to say “please” — “please can I have a drink?”


trying to have a teachable moment on saying sorry

ME: Blythe, you said hurtful words, so now you need to say, ‘I’m sorry mommy.”

BLYTHE: I forgive you. (and so obviously assuming we were done, she turns to leave the room.)