time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future

As we’re now rolling into the end of February, I’m wishing more than ever that I could channel Evie’s (the main character from the early 90’s TV show Out of This World) super-human power to freeze time. I suppose that’s the privilege you earn for having to relate to your alien father through a crystal on your nightstand. For me, these last days of pregnancy have been characterized less by my erratic emotions (although I’m sure they still occur) and more by my now marshmallow-man-shaped body waddling our creaky wood floors like a crazed woman binging on cleaning and organizational sprees. I think “they” refer to this as nesting. So, since I don’t have powers to the likings of Evie or Mary Poppins, my time for writing as of late (in case you hadn’t noticed) has devolved into mere moments of reflection caught during one of my five to six nighttime potty breaks or while cleaning cabinets, alphabetizing CDs, organizing closets, . . . etc., without one word transferred to paper or screen. Alas — something has got to give. For the time, anyway, everyone and most  everything has a place in our home, including our soon-to-arrive Olive. Below I included a few pictures that some of you have requested of two of the more fun-to-see aforementioned projects, Olive’s room and Blythe’s new big-girl room, which also happens to be the guest room if any of you fancy a sleep-over. (Don’t worry — we’ll temporarily move Blythe and her hobbit-sized bed out for the stay.)