food contamination

Recently while entering the local SAMS club, Liam and Burke stopped in front of the giant screens greeting us, where Liam informs me and Burke, “they’re just trying to get us to buy more stuff.” Ironically, he later brought me this picture and asked me if we could go “here” to look at toys for a while.


Then, last week, while opening a box of Pepperidge Farm Ginger Family cookies that the kids received for Christmas, I unraveled the plastic and discovered an advertisement card that fell from the underside of the package. What was it advertising? Other cookies? Breads? Cereal? Likely choices, but not even close. Rather than the typical food/beverage product, this card advertised a product that simulates oral sex (for men); the tag-line reads, “because there are times you just don’t want to cuddle.” Well, there we have it America. Again, I’m speechless.