free christmas music

Have I mentioned that I live with Scrooge? Not the hoarding, selfish Scrooge, but certainly the bah-humbug of Christmas.  Now I realize that Christmas in America is generally full of commercialism and excess, and that we’ve certainly turned it into something void of the real meaning, but still, I love this season. And ever year I have to convince my sweet hubby why we need a tree, why we should put up lights and stockings and send out Christmas cards. And generously, regardless of his understanding of Christmas’ importance to me, Mark always displays his love for me by conceding. Last weekend (now actually several weekends ago) the kids and I decorated, with Mark occasionally peaking out of our bedroom to break from his research and comment things like, “Wow. The Christmas spirit sure is loud in here.” Or, “It looks good, dear (with deep sarcasm, as he surveys Blythe walking about in her Christmas stocking while the rest of the Christmas paraphernalia lies strewn about the house from our children’s effort to “help”). Although he hates to admit it, I think he secretly enjoys Christmas-dom when the house is decorated and back in order. This year, we compromised on the tree by buying two living trees to plant afterward. And the music — well, in order to vary the patronizing effect that Christmas music has on my husband (aside from sporadically playing it while he’s home), I purchase a new Christmas album each year (favorites of the past: Sufjan Stevens, Charlie Brown, and Diana Krall — how’s that for variety?) This year, some friends of ours (in the band Clairmont) released a little Christmas mini-album of their own; it’s a fantastic break from the average overplayed Mariah Carey melody, with a more subdued sound reminiscent of Joshua James’ Fields and Floods. The best part: it’s free to dowload here. So, whether you’re a lover of all things Christmas or not, you can check it out without a large penalty. Thanks Clairmont. Enjoy!