a toothless thanksgiving

Liam has had a loose tooth for the last few weeks, which he has managed to diligently wiggle in regular intervals throughout the day, knowing that somehow, this tooth equates to some sort of monetary “prize.” Casually he questioned me, “mom, why do you have all that money in your mouth?” “What are you talking about?” I responded. “These things (pointing to my teeth); they’re money.” And as I pictured my son trying to dig or violently pull my (or his own) teeth from their gums to exchange for some random good (or let’s face it, toy), I realized there’s been a massive breakdown in communication. This of course necessitated a conversation informing Liam that in fact, as of right now, teeth are not a valid commodity; I think he was a little disappointed to learn that he had not stumbled upon an oral money tree; however, at the time, he seemed content and thankful enough still to receive any sort of reward in exchange for his “baby teeth.” And much to Liam’s pain and excitement, earlier this week, Burke gave this process a little nudge — with an accidental elbow to Liam’s face. With a little blood and a dangling tooth, only one thing consoled our crying Liam: his prize. He bravely wiggled the dangler a few more times, and out it came. Here’s the victor’s war wound.

liam's first missing tooth