preschool boys thinking outloud

The other day I overheard the boys having a discussion with Mark about the meaning of “being rich.” As Mark tried to explain the different ways that people can describe “richness,” I chuckled wondering how this abstract idea might materialize in their heads: needs/wants, having/not having, giving/receiving. . . etc. Finally, Liam interjected.

Liam: So those guys that we sometimes see sitting on the street — they’re poor right?

Mark: Right.

Liam: They might need our (his and Burke’s) coins to buy food.

Mark: They might.

Burke (in a “this is obvious tone”): Well they need food so their bodies can grow healthy and strong.

Liam: Then, we better hurry before their bodies shrivel up! 

(And then they went back to their room to play.)


Yesterday, I made snickerdoodle cookies for a meeting we were having. Before the boys went to bed, I allowed them to split a cookie. After each taking bites, Burke exclaimed, “MOM, this tastes just like a COOKIE!” I just laughed.


Today, while getting the boys a snack, Burke ran up to me, “Mom! I willy want some Thomas.” “Excuse me?” “Thomas. I want some thomas for snack.” “Babe, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.” “There (pointing in the refrigerator)! Thomas!” “Oh, hummus. It’s called hummus, Burke.” “Yeah. That. It’s willy good.”