parenting lesson #736: movie ratings exist for a reason

For the last week I’ve debated whether to put this on the blog in pursuit of saving face (as well as my son’s). But, in the words of Burke and Liam, I figured, “what the HACK!” Whether wise or not, Mark and I have allowed both of the boys to see the Transformers movie with our supervision and the omission of a handful of scenes. They are primarily interested in the last 20 minutes or so anyway (the battle of good and evil). 

Well, the other day I’m putting some clothes away in the boys room, while Liam simultaneously is trying to get dressed. I, putting their shorts away in one drawer, told him he’d have to be patient before trying to open the shirt drawer right above it. To which Liam looked at me and in a rather jovial tone said, “What? What about bros before hoes?” Shocked that my son did in fact just call me a “ho,” I looked at him and said, “excuse me?” Only to realize by his blank expression that in spite of his amazing contextual accuracy, Liam actually had no idea what he had just said, nevermind why it could have possibly offended me. (For those of you who are novices to Transformers, that’s what Sam’s friend says to him when Sam boots him into the back seat in order to pick up a girl-crush. And also, one of the omitted scenes that apparently was not omitted at some point.) It was enough for Liam that I explained to him how rude and demeaning it is to call someone a “ho” (let alone your mother), and that I never wanted him to say it again. He quickly responded, “OK. I’m sorry, Mom.” Only after he left the room could I actually laugh.