more tales to boost your self-esteem

Nothing makes me feel more vulnerably fragile than being pregnant. This internal process of building a new person takes my soda-like hormones and shakes them up, leaving me ready to explode emotion onto whomever is fortunate enough to pop the lid. So, don’t get too close — at least for the next month anyway. I should start to balance out after that. Generally, I’m fairly reserved emotionally (whether I like it or not). So, imagine the sense of wayward exhaustion knowing that right now, I’m like an emotive jack-in-the-box. Yesterday, we spent the day in Austin with Scott and Diana (who are about to move to Morocco), I was on the verge of tears all day. I’ll see them again before they leave (we’re actually spending a whole week with them next week), but being in their house for the last time. . . that’s right, tears. Granted, a party involving 25-30 kids and free-roaming (within a fenced area) pigs, goats, chickens, and bunnies were involved as well — that was enough to make any grown person want to cry (the kids, on the other hand, loved it). But this morning, I threw the computer keyboard (sorry Mark).  Blythe spilled my glass of water on the desk, so naturally I reacted like a 5 ft. two-year-old, and in frustration threw it on the ground, rather than simply moving it out of the way to clean up. My abrupt actions startled myself and Blythe, who could only stare at me wide-eyed as if to say, “who are you? and where is my mom?” She started crying. So did I. Fortunately, the boys were in the other room, or Liam might have suggested that I go to time-out (which I desperately needed).

I’ll post pictures from the party yesterday later.