seagrove beach

We just returned from Seagrove Beach, Florida (right beside Seaside) and had an absolutely fantastic time. It was the first time that we weren’t ready to come home while away from home; that’s how much fun we had. No computers. No phones (we brought them, simply chose not to use them). No major cooking. No working out. Our little family, the beach, a pool, and two sets of good friends (steven & dora manuel and jesse, chelsea, jackson and their-soon-to-be arriving baby boy robertson). What’s not to love, right? The kids surprised me and Mark with an easy car ride both ways (we did stop at LSU to have some decent baseball/running activities with them). They loved seeing the swamps of Louisiana and the passing through the tunnel in Mobile — sorry Mississippi, not much to offer. The beach was seemingly swarming with “marine pests,” also known as jelly fish. The kids near us at the beach were catching and throwing them into buckets. The boys loved it.  Mark and I took note of our own new sights while passing through the southern states; for instance, the Lion’s Den, a strip joint right outside of Lake Charles which actually had a picture of a lion mounting a lioness on its sign — ah, America the beautiful. Anyway, here’s some pictures.