“michael…michael…michael.” – Job Bluthe

I have to confess, I don’t really know what to do with the “tagging” trend of blogging. I suppose when someone “tags” me, I am instantly flattered that they would think of me, but that warm fuzzy stroke to my ego soon dissipates with the obligatory pressure that I now feel to fulfill this expectation: don’t break the chain.  I was never great with chain mail either. The “what-if-I -don’t” always enticed me far more than the possibility of receiving money, flip-flops, or worse, some curse or sickness (what kind of chain-mail is that anyway?). Or maybe it was my sheer laziness or pride that kept me from playing someone else’s game?  I always do/did hate looking like the fool, publicly hoping or investing in something that would fail, trick, or humiliate. I was listening to This American Life today about the world savings pool and the global debt/mortgage crisis (it was fascinating by the way) and realizing exactly how little I like risky investments — financial or otherwise. Listening to Ira Glass interview people in all parts of the mortgage business ladder about their profits from “lying mortgages” — essentially persuading (mostly poor) people into financial ruin — only seemed to reinforce this insecurity of mine. Most of these people knew and didn’t like what they were doing, but did it anyway because, no lie, “everyone else was doing it.” Mark and I have rented this documentary, The Corporation, a couple of times. It’s all about the history of the corporation and its evolution into a human entity under the law.  They then evaluate the “personality” traits of a corporation to identify exactly what type of person it actually is. I won’t tell you. You should rent it and see for yourself. So, is it weird that our friend Michael “tags” me and this is the tail spin I’m sent into? I need to lay off the documentaries. Well, anyway — here’s to you, Pride.

what were you doing 5 years ago?

  1. reading the Catcher and the Rye (for the first time)
  2. working at Banana Republic
  3. sun-bathing my pregnant belly
  4. meeting in home churches
  5. preparing to move to a new city and state

what are 5 things on your to do list today?

  1. I didn’t have a to-do list today

what are 5 snacks you enjoy?

  1. chocolate _________
  2. 7 grain TLCs and cheddar cheese
  3. popcorn
  4. carrots or peppers and hummus
  5. chips and salsa

what 5 things would you do if you were a billionaire?

  1. wait
  2. listen/watch
  3. give
  4. hire a part-time cook and housekeeper
  5. put in a pool

what are 5 of your bad habits?

  1. eating chocolate
  2. piling my clean, folded clothes on the floor next to my bed
  3. rarely flossing
  4. time management
  5. rarely washing the floors

what are 5 jobs you’ve had?

  1. carhopper
  2. camp counselor
  3. barista
  4. sales rep.
  5. tutor