we all make choices

Today Burke came into the kitchen where I was to let me know he had to go poop. (Because I’m still unfortunately involved in the clean-up, he’s obligated to make these sorts of announcements.) Anyway, a few minutes later I made my way back to his bathroom to find him reading a book in his bed. So, naturally I comment, “Burke, I thought you said you had to go to the bathroom.” “I will in just a second. I have to finish reading this book first,” he replies. Priorities. I laughed and left the room thinking of my husbands favorite phrase, “we all make choices.”

The other night Kristen and Tim were over having ice cream with us. I decided to strip Blythe down to her diaper to ease my post-ice-cream-clean-up. Well, apparently, she decided she didn’t need her diaper either, so she desperately tried to take it off by pulling it down, rather than unclasping the tabs. After many failed attempts, she relinquished the struggle, leaving her crack peaking out of the diaper as a small sign of victory. She then unabashedly ate her ice cream cone.