the day the music died.

Some of you will rejoice, while others will mourn — but, today, I’m sad to announce that I will no longer have any music on this blog. Apparently, the company had to shut down “due to the music industry” — also known as, the man. hmph. I’m not too surprised by my misfortunes actually. It seems to me that the technological world delivers far less than it actually promises to offer or benefit. Now, I realize that those of you who are savy in these types of ways consider me ridiculous; I’m simply suggesting that maintaining/updating these devices and techno-lives requires a lot of resources — namely time, knowledge, and money — all of which I have very little to spare or acquire for this purpose.  So, when I purchase/download a new device or program, I want it to work, and work easily. I created this blog to give you all a glimpse into our fairly small world, at your leisure and distance. That’s convenient. Maybe you just want to keep up, but don’t really have the time to call or email, or simply don’t want to call or email. I get that. Believe me, I get that. You read and comment as you can or will. It’s easy. However,  I received a handful of emails this last week from people who tried to comment and couldn’t because their computers shut down every time they tried. That’s not easy, for me or them. At times, I start to feel like a sucker, thinking, “oh, what a great idea! This ____ will help with ______.” Then it doesn’t. This is one of those times. I like music. I like the idea of living to a soundtrack. So, I’m a little disheartened with this news. Don’t worry, I’ll get over it and probably try another program [that promises to do something it too will ultimately fail to do]. Do I sound bitter? I’m really not.