“i gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.”

My mom, with a $15 garage sale purchase, single-handily won Liam’s heart, again: a bike this time, not spider-man shoes. He’s been riding the pedal-less bike (Scuut) since we bought it for him two Christmases ago, desperately wanting to transition to the big-kid milestone, the two-wheeler. We were waiting for his birthday, which unfortunately for Liam is another 5 months away. But, fortunate for Liam, he has Nina. 10 minutes after pulling the bike out of the car, he was riding, without help, down our street. He has definitely arrived into boyhood. Burke gleefully received from this transition as well, stepping up to take his place on the Scuut.

We went for our first family bike ride, without having to stop and rest Liam’s little legs (Burke still had to ride in the trailer with Blythe), where we not so quickly learned that Liam had not fully mastered braking. During the back half of the trip, where the road slopes slightly downhill, Mark and I both notice that Liam is still pedaling, rather than braking. RED FLAG. Mark and I are both yelling (as we approach a busy intersection), “Liam, hit your brakes.” When Liam failed to brake again, Mark instinctively cycled ahead, jumped off his bike, and threw himself directly in front of Liam, receiving the full blow of a downhill, pedaling, 4 year old and his not-so-light bike — ouch. But, he saved our son from catastrophe — I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Needless to say, we’re practicing braking and emergency curb crashing before our next ride.