free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s

Once a year Ben & Jerry’s gives back to their cultish following (and anyone else interested) by offering an entire day of free ice cream cones. I refused to miss it — that’s about $15 of free ice cream cones from our favorite ice cream creators. Fantastic. So, after I picked up Liam from school, the kids and I met Kristen and Tim for our afternoon treat. I mistakenly ordered a cone for Burke, instead of a cup, which turned out to be disastrous. Just like everything else, he slowly and methodically ate his frozen treat. He couldn’t possibly lick fast enough to compete with the rapidly melting chocolatey goo dripping . . . everywhere. However, it was entertaining to see Tito coaching Burke, “faster, faster — you got to lick faster. Over here Burke — this side — no wait, now this side. You can clean yourself up later, don’t worry about that now — just lick!” Who knew eating ice cream was such a science?