coversations with the boys

As I mentioned in the post before, Liam has a little stomach bug right now, so he stayed home from school to rest.

Liam: (entering the kitchen) Mom, I feel much better. I need to change my shirt, though.

me: Are you sure? Why do you need to change?

Liam: Well, I just threw up, and I think I got some on my shirt.

me: Oh, Liam. Where did you throw up? And why didn’t you come and get me?

Liam: In the toilet. Don’t worry, Mom. I wasn’t afraid. The Lord was healing me, so now I feel better. See? I just need a new shirt.


Burke: Mom, what are you doing?

me: I’m feeding the plants. They need to eat just like we do.

Burke: Oh. Did they wash their hands first?