an apology of sorts

Two weeks ago, WordPress updated and recreated their entire dashboard, making the overall user-ability and style, in many respects, better. However, I have this little giant of a dilemma: my computer seems to be rejecting this new dashboard in the same way little Liam’s body is rejecting his stomach bug — violently. Unfortunately, I temporarly (saying this with hope) cannot post images. Now, I realize this really handicaps me in several ways. You see, I like to parallel reading blogs to reading magazines. Meaning, at times, you may want to sift through all these words/rants/thoughts, and other times, you may simply want to see a picture of the latest Douglass catastophe, adventure, or growth. (Of course, these aren’t always mutually exclusive.) And since, in this Douglass home, we have a history of changing, re-arranging, or ending our blogs due to varying impediments, I resolutely will not cower to this one. So, please bear with me as I try to weasel my way through systems forgein to me and figure something out. I’ll post pictures as soon as possible.