poetic Thursday

This song keeps returning to me, and each time I hear it, I appreciate it’s poetic genius even more. This musician, Mark Mathis, personifies the ocean, describing his love affair with the moon, defending against wrongful accusations, mourning his loss of contained life, groaning for his creator — it’s beautiful. Listen to the actual song here, below are the lyrics. He also has another CD, WARSHIP, (cheesy, I know), but lyrically and musically, it’s very powerful and filled with the truth you want coarsing through your heart and prayers.


“I am the deep blue sea” 

Sit down young children on my sandy shore — I am the deep blue sea 

I have a story for every boy and girl — who will listen to me

You see, I was born in a thunderstorm and raindrop I felt so free

’til I was taken from the river I loved — she was like a mother to me

It’s true my waters are frought with danger — but I need you to believe

That I never hurt an honest sailer — or battered your home with my seas

That’s from the north wind, that’s from the south wind, that’s from the west and from the east

They trespass on me — they raise my fury — they make me foam and they make me boil

I have a friend

One that I love

Her name is the moon

She holds me close

When she get thirsty

I let her drink

When morning comes

I lay her back downto sleep

You may ask, child, how old I am — well, I’m as old as there is time

Anchors have scarred my deep blue heart and the whalemen robbed me bloind

End times are comin’ — I will give up all these souls that I have held

And in the firelight I will return to the place I did begin.