Yesterday, we (the entire family) planted our first vegetable garden. I had no idea the amount of toil this would require, managing the kids and exactly how many seeds they dropped and in which places. Certainly Mark, who actually built the box bordering the garden (fantastically, I might add), did the most physical labor. But, as we worked, sweating in the almost 90 degree weather (with 95% humidity), I was remembering the snow we experienced at my parent’s house just 3 weeks ago (sigh.). So, as we enter enter this soon-to-be-melting season, I thought I would share some pics of the boys tasting snow, making snowballs, making snowmen (one by Liam, another by Mark and the boys) before we all forget what it’s like to be cold.

tasting snow

 making snowballs

liam’s snowman

daddy’s version