a peek inside our marriage

Mark and I like to keep things “spicy” by writing little notes to one another on our bathroom mirror (we’ll have to reconsider once Liam is able to read more than three letter words). Below is the love note I received this week: don’t worry, there’s nothing you’ll be embarrased by, but you will have to have some familiarity with the Empire Strikes Back:

“You make me feel so safe, Dear. So warm. I want to crawl up inside you like Luke Skywalker crawled up inside his taun-taun to protect himself from the sub-zero temperatures of Hoth, where the Rebel Alliance was hiding from the search droids sent be the Empire. That’s how safe you make me feel and how much I love you. If you ever need to cut me open and hide inside my body to stay alive — you can– but we should talk about it first. I love you. ”

Just to clarify this is the simile:


So romantic.