generations later, lewis would be proud

When Mark and I went to London for our honeymoon, we found this quaint bookshop full of all sorts of literary treasure, old and new.  In it we found a hardbound compilation of the Chronicles of Narnia, books we each loved as children. We started reading it to each other at night before went to bed, alternating chapters; Mark and I might be the only couple to bicker, even if only half-seriously, over whose turn it was to read — we both loved reading out loud to the other.  And now seven years later, I’m doing the same thing with our boys (only less reading on their part). Currently, we’re reading Prince Caspian (in preparation for the movie this summer). I do have to spend a lot of time explaining the complex description and diction, but they love it!

So, the other day I sent the kids outside to play while I straightened the house. After a few minutes, I checked on them and saw this: clothes shed, re/playing scenes from Narnia with garbage can lids for shields and sticks for swords. Of course, Liam chose himself to play the part of Peter.  

narnia fight


peter and edmund