holes in my sound wall

“SILENCES are holes in the sound wall/SOUNDS are bubbles on the surface of silence. Sound, like silence, is both opening and filling/concave and convex/life and death…[E]ntering into LIFE is also entering into the DEATH process. Every day lived is a step closer to death and every sound sent OUT is breaking IN on silence.”     -Trinh Minh-Ha 

Our life sometimes feels like a circus. Various people (familiar and strange) coming in and going out, entertaining midgets climbing assorted obstacles and performing tricks on bikes, food everywhere, music serenading, and laughter — everything short of a tent, animal, and a bearded lady, thank God. But, occasionally, it stops. Everyone goes home, the midgets go to bed, the food is cleaned up, the music (and TV) turned off, and I suddenly find myself sinking into the very hole described above: silence. Tonight, I’m relishing this new-found abyss, clearly hearing my whispering and fleeting thoughts, for tomorrow, I will chase them again through the sound bubbles dancing around me — only this time, restored from my time in a hole.  Let the circus begin.