standing on the shoulders of giants: the genius of moleskine marketing

So, Mark has been using these Moleskine notebooks for years. He loves them, and I can understand why. The unbleached paper, bound by string and leather reminds us of another time and something now seemingly forgotten: written word — notes, sketches, poems otherwise lost to email, text messages, computer programming, and well, blogging.

But, there’s more. Oh yes, for your $10-15, you not only receive this hand-bound piece of art, but also are now associated with literary and artistic giants such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Hemingway, and Chatwin. Suddenly, your words are no longer perfunctory thoughts, rather potential literature read by generations to come. The Moleskine is the Chanel of the intellectual community: the demarcation of greatness by association, as though these Giants impart something to us simply by owning one. Genius.