Fortunate for us all, the boys are at the age where they generate stories regularly, and since Blythe is not yet of the age where she causes as much “trouble,” I thought I would write out a few of our “doodlebug’s” favorites to give you a little glimpse of, well, her. She’ll be 15 months tomorrow, and we really are grateful for her blithe spirit in our home.


TUNE: Darth Vader’s theme song. Although she can’t do it on command, we hear her whistle this little tune 2-3 times a day.

PASTIME: Moving furniture, dancing, or turning the TV on and off.

pushing furniture

WORDS: “MOM!” or “oh wow!” and tons of incessant gibberish.

DEFENSE: scream. Her screams remind me of the Nozgul (the ring-wraiths in Lord of the Rings).

LOVES: animals, her blanket, and her brothers. 

p1010053.jpgOct. 2007

blythe and molly, 9 monthsJuly 2007