need more sugar!

So this last week I’ve been cleaning out the kids rooms of toys, books, and needless junk to make room for more toys, books, and needless junk. Anyway, the other day while in the midst of this, I realize the boys have left the room and are quiet again. Trouble. I call for them and immediately Liam pops in the room declaring, “I only ate some salt, but Burke, he made a real mess.” Uh-oh. I run to the kitchen and found this


Burke wasn’t even phased that I saw him. He just kept licking and scooping, licking and scooping…off the floor. Nice. And as you all know, when you mix powdered sugar with anything wet (be it water or saliva), it sticks together and gets hard. I wish I had a better picture of Burke’s clothes. It’s as if he had bathed and then layed tummy-down in the sugar. He was licking his hand, wiping up sugar, licking again, then wiping his shirt or jeans. It was caked on his clothing from his shoulders to his toes. And I had to scrub, scrub, scrub the floor to remove the cement-like sugar creation from the tile. But, at least those tile are clean.

And I love this: Liam, knowing that he’s in trouble, promptly stops whatever he’s doing and tries to explain why it really wasn’t that bad, or wasn’t his fault, or how he didn’t know. Burke, on the other hand, figures he’s in trouble, and he’s going to live it up until I remove him. Oh, and by the way, there were two other bottles of decorative sugars involved, dumped in another area of the kitchen.