the sweet years

Many times in conversation with mothers of older children, they refer to the years where my children currently are as “the sweet years.” I completely agree and understand why: their chubby-armed hugs,  simple and honest conversations, lack of self-awareness, easy receptiveness, innocent naivete, and of course, the “I wuv you, mom.” But, just in case in the future I ever start to idealize (as I’m prone to do) these “sweet years,” I want to document a few other things that we’re far less likely to want to remember.  

1. Living with animals, depending on the type, might be cleaner than living with 3 toddlers/preschoolers. This is after ONE meal, but indicative of every meal.  

p1010043.jpg p1010042.jpg 

2. While you’re in the middle of cleaning up the mess above, they are busy doing something else… like rolling out all the toilet paper in the their bathroom or rubbing foot lotion and diaper cream all over each other. 

toilet paper

double trouble 

3. Allowing your children to be imaginative and grow their spatial intelligence can look disastrous.