astound: to impress strongly by what is unexpected or unusual

Most of you know my husband, Mark. If you haven’t met him, the truth is you might not notice him if you were in a room together. In spite of his good looks and charming wit (I did once refer to him as winsome), there is a quietness and humility to Mark that can cause him to be easily overlooked…even by me occasionally. But, not today. Today, I am boasting about this incredibly merciful, thoughtful, and kind man, who even after seven years never ceases to astound me with his insight, creativity, and many talents. And of course, it always amuses me to hear what entertains his thoughts (i.e. a story of a man and a rhino). Below I posted two pictures of Mark’s most recent projects — I mean come on, is there anything this man can’t do? 

  bamboo walls 

   painted bamboo on the walls

Mark tearing up our sidwalk

busting up our walkway

I love you, Babe. Thanks for choosing me. -b.