Thanks for the conversation.


I realized the other day that I, somewhat regularly, have entire conversations in my head. Now, this may be common. But, what struck me as odd is that these conversations actually involve other people that I know, probably you. Strange?Wait. For instance, I will think that I need to call you, and of course, I don’t really have a quiet moment to do so. So, I continue thinking about what it is that I would say to you; but, what’s weird, I then think about how you would respond. I respond. You respond. And so forth, and before I know it, I’ve had an entire dialogue with you and yet obviously, still without you.


It happens with letters, too. I really love written letters; in the day of electronic relationships, there’s something completely fantastic about giving or receiving a piece of written soul. Alas, but like everyone else, I fall prey to the demi-god, Time. And so, I write letters in my head to you: encouraging you, thanking you, blessing you, loving you. I’m sorry you never received them.  But, I do always ask the Lord to somehow communicate these things to you, just in case I never have the opportunity.

Brigitte Bardot