more douglass dialogue: who is the adult here?


me: Do you want to color?
Liam: Yeah, that would be great! Let’s color in this book.
me: No, let’s color these pages here.
Liam: No mom, if you want to color, these are your choices.
me: Liam, we need to have a little talk…


Liam: Mom!
me: yes?
Liam: Burke is disobeying me and needs to go in time out.
me: Liam, Burke doesn’t need to obey you; he’s your brother.
Liam: Yes, because I am 4 and he is 2. So, he needs to obey me and go in time out.
me: (trying to contain my laughter) Liam, come with me and let’s talk….


(The boys are playing in the hall and a dust pan that was propped against the wall falls on Burke’s foot.)
Liam: Mom, the dust pan just fell on Burke’s foot!
me: Oh, Burke, I’m sorry…are you alright?
Liam: See? This is why you need to put the dustpan away where it belongs.
me: Thank you Liam. We’ll talk in a second…