my 29th birthday and dinner with the president

Well, sort of. Thursday was my 29th birthday. Mostly, it was a normal day — nice, but normal. I worked at the writing center in the morning and spent the afternoon hanging out with my family (the boys picked flowers for me). Sam (Mark’s dad) was in town and took me, Mark, Tim, and Kristen to dinner at Cafe Excel (my favorite). So, while we were looking at the menus, this guy with an ear piece coiling down the back of his shirt walks up near to our table. Just as we’re about to make fun of him, we see Barbara Bush (grandma) walking behind him, followed by George, Sr. and some more secret service. They sat down right behind us, about 5 feet away. Suddenly, my birthday dinner felt a lot more important. Mark’s comment: “I feel like my safety is threatened with them this close to us.” Drama. Unfortunatley, I didn’t have my camera.

 newborn bethany me, 29 years ago

blythe blythe, almost 13 months

picking flowers the boys picking flowers